iBaguette.com: Major Updates and Improvements!

After around 7 weeks of downtime, the website is back up! And if it’s your first time here, welcome!

Bad news: most content on the main site (this one right here) that was added before 2021 has unfortunately been lost in the migration process to the new site, but some will be reuploaded in the near future. Anyway, the content before 2021 wasn’t even that good 😂

What is this site for?

iBaguette is a really amazing website in my non-biased opinion. On the main site, you will find updates to my YouTube channel, major updates to BaguetteBot (our Discord bot) and much more. On the other sites, there are (or will be soon) revision help, code and test pages. Oh, and of course there will be some beautiful French cuisine. 🤤 🥐 🥖 

Cool, but why?

Ummm… good question. Why not?

(Also, I thought it would be cool to have my own website… and some of my projects needed a domain!)

Is this it?

No! Stay tuned for future projects, including game development, and keep up to date with BaguetteBot or my YouTube channel. We also have many subdomains which are much more active than the main site.


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