Fortnite Live Event - The End

The End of Chapter 2 is upon us! The live event took us through the centre of the Island, through the Imagined Order's base of operations and revealed more backstory of the Seven. As the Island flipped, we were greeted with the amazing scene of the Cube Queen's death in the water, and the Last Reality's alien ships above us disappearing. The event also had some of the best music, almost as good as Chapter 1's End event.

Watch my perspective of the event here, with no commentary from me or my friends during the event, but you can listen to our reactions before and after.

My mum's thoughts: "It was alright, I think the graphics are getting better and I quite liked the waiting and waiting to see what the new Island would look like".

BONUS VIDEO: Event's Aftermath: watch my POV of the aftermath and the intro scene to the new island! 

It's unlisted - you get special access as you're on my website :)


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