BaguetteBot: v1.2 release

BaguetteBot v1.2 is now rolling out to all servers with a boatload of new features. After almost 5 months since the last major version, v1.2, the new update is finally out. As mentioned previously, there is a ton of new content, including commands, stability improvements, process enhancements and a lot more. The new content is listed below:

Dot Commands

  • The .help command has gone a little renovation. Now music playing have their own segment and the bot's version is outputted as a heads up.
  • New command: .tts - plays text to speech audio in a voice chat.
  • Bot stats command is now a Slash Command for all servers 
  • More efficient message content scanning for command checking
  • Made some responses trigger less - now some dot commands will complete background tasks. This is to improve the experience in other servers as a spammy server will no longer slow down the threads used for other servers.
  • New .roleperms command. Enter a permission and it will say which roles have that permission.
  • Removed .ship 
  • Removed some more old commands including the old audio player.
  • Completely reworked roles and shop system. There are now a load more roles, from the only 4 in the last version - this is triggered by .coins or .shop.
  • Lots more which I haven't written up here!

Slash Commands
  • Components - enable and disable specific moderation tools. This has received a big upgrade since older versions of v1.1 when it was first tested.
  • Debug - gets a load of debug information related to debugging
  • Better error messages in slash commands - I'm trialling something which lets you know exactly what went wrong and how to fix it if it isn't an error with my code.

Other fixes and improvements
  • Backend changes for Baguette Brigaders server.
  • Now displays CPU/RAM utilisation in the status 
  • Improved readme - now explains more commands.
  • Now handles on_message_delete, on_typing, on_message_edit events for logging.
  • Offloaded some API-intensive functions to another bot to speed up BaguetteBot.
  • Changed 99% of strings to f-strings. This should mean everything is a bit faster.
  • Improved file size calculations 

Future scheduled improvements
  • Switch music playing from FFMpeg to Lavalink *1
  • Improve dialogue for the Shop. *2
  • Improve dialogue for malformatted user inputs. *3
  • Expand the Shop and currencies to global servers.

Amendments since original publishing:

*1 - Has been added in stable builds of v1.2.2. Try out the .newplay command.
*2 - Coins needed to purchase the next role has been added in v1.2.3.
*3 - An exploit was found which allowed Admin access as a result of this. This was fixed immediately, and now invalid colours now show a proper, easy to read, message.


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