iBaguette's Discord server, Baguette Brigaders: What does it offer, and why should you join it?

Baguette Brigaders

Welcome to Baguette Brigaders, a vibrant and thriving Discord community dedicated to providing a diverse range of activities and resources for its members.
Whether you’re looking to engage with a lively community, access revision materials, interact with tech enthusiasts, play games, or explore Minecraft servers, Baguette Brigaders has got you covered. There’s truly something for everyone.

A welcoming community

We pride ourselves on maintaining a welcoming and inclusive environment for all members, whether you’re an Early Baguette, someone who’s taken a break, or a completely new person. As the founder of this community-driven server, I have made it a priority to organise exciting events, and ensure that every individual feels valued and respected. We encourage open and friendly discussions, foster connections among members, and embrace diversity in all its forms.

Something for everyone

Whether you’re a student, educator, developer or someone who wants to have fun and enjoy themselves, there’s definitely something for you in our server. You can:

  • get access to high-quality revision material for A level and GCSE subjects, created by me and other members, as well as being the first to know about all the new additions and improvements made
  • play games with other members, such as Among Us, Minecraft, Fortnite, and more
  • join our dedicated, custom, high-performance Minecraft servers, where you can build, explore, and have fun
  • ask questions about any topics from Computer Science to Geography and get your answers quickly
  • talk to tech enthusiasts and learn about the latest developments in the field
  • get advice and tips from exam survivors as well as personal advice about any question that you have on your mind regarding GCSEs or A Levels

Custom bots dedicated to you

To enhance the server experience and make interaction easy, I’ve created the custom bot, Baguette Brigaders Helper, to serve the server and all its members. With over 1,500 lines of code, it has a plethora of features from fun engagement to better and easier moderation features for the staff team. We have multiple levelling systems in place, the most notable one being server XP, which you earn passively by being active, spending time in voice chats, sending messages, adding reactions, inviting new members and more.

Baguette Brigaders Helper seamlessly integrates with my other multifunctional bot that can be added to any server, BaguetteBot. It provides an assortment of activities, moderation commands and social stuff, including powerful music playing with a custom-built queue system, free volume controls and voice filters, looping tracks and several more things. Whether you’re in the hundreds of people who already love the bot, want to use Premium features for free or just want to test its excellence or ask questions about it, this is the place to be.

Join the Baguette Brigaders community!

We invite you to become a part of the Baguette Brigaders community and experience the energetic atmosphere, engaging discussions, and diverse activities we have to offer. Whether you’re seeking academic support, want to connect with fellow tech enthusiasts, or simply enjoy playing games, our server is the place to be. Join us today and embark on a memorable journey filled with camaraderie, learning, and fun!

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