Draggie's Bots - and more!

Hello! However you got here, you probably are interested in my Discord bots. Here is a great place to know all about them as I have quite a few, all with unique aspects and utility! 

Below is a list of them, with their current development status and what they do.

  • BaguetteBot (actively being improved, maintained and developed)
Features a wide range of tools including powerful moderation tools and performant audio playing aimed at improving your servers, hassle-free.

- Customisable server logging
- NEW! Full Slash Commands and new Discord Interaction support for Context Menus and Autofills
- Powerful music playing with /play
- NEW! Full audio subsystem with a queue, automatic URL parsing, free shuffling, audio controls. Now includes buttons!
- NEW! YouTube Playlist and Spotify support 
- NEW! Settings menu built into Discord with no need of signing in to websites to configure various plugins or items.
- Coins and currency system, both server-independent and global
- Random yet useful utilities such as snowflake translation, virtual currency conversion, yes/no decisions, GPT-based text generation
- Games, gambling and trading (updates here)
- Server modifications, such as mass changing voice channels' bitrates, custom emoji saving, custom slowmode
- (Experimental) Kahoot Botting
- External information, such as Brawl Stars profiles, Clash of Clans data, Fortnite asset downloading, etc....
- Frequent updates, efficiency improvements and patches to code.
- Lots more! Use /help for all the fun commands not listed here

Invite link: here (admin) / choose / recommended

GitHub Changes: here
  • Cuisine Bot (semi-actively being improved, maintained and developed)
- Send images or get information about French cuisine
- Fully functional Slash Commands
- Hundreds of images of baguettes to look through
- Get definitions and statistics of foods such as baguettes, croissants, pain au chocolats and more

Note! This bot is a little less developed than BaguetteBot, so more features will be added over time and throughout the next few years many essential features will be added

Invite link: here

Dedicated page: here 

Other bots which I host or contribute to

  • CroissantBot (beginning to see a theme here, right?)

- Not my bot but I do improve it
- Random projects - some can be useful, others not so much...

Invite Link:here


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