DraggieBot v0.6 out NOW!

Many new features since v0.5 have been requested and implemented! Many bugs have also been resolved (and probably a few added too!). There have been 17 minor updates from v0.5 to v0.6.

New features:

• Set your birthday! When the time arrives, you will receive a custom message :)
• To prevent against spam, 1 character messages are now removed, with a few exceptions such as a few  frequently used emojis.
• Baguette command - sends a random baguette picture.
• Notification command - explains how to change notifications on mobile
• More specific animated emoji sender

Bug Fixes:

• Fixed an issue where messages would get randomly deleted without explanation
• Fixed a bug where emojis would break a blacklisted message.
• A few more which I didn’t write down which I’d fixed

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