DraggieBot: v0.7 Patch Notes!

You have asked and I have delivered! Many improvements have been made across the code, with performance enhancements, new features, bug fixes, easter eggs and a whole load more! 

There have been 45 minor versions and revisions since v0.6.

New Features

• New & improved blacklist system. This is 100% editable, and does not run inside the main code, meaning the bot doesn’t have to stop working if a word, phrase or symbol needs to be added or removed from the blacklist.
• More commands:
    split - Splits a message in 2 by a search term
    delsplit - Removes part of a message’s content
    testfor - Test message for a character/phrase
    @ - Shows user ID
    exit - Stops the code
    noti - Alias for .notification
    loop - Repeats a message x times
    fanfics - ???
• Better status commands
• Added an error logging file making it easier to fix issues
• More comprehensive message logging
• Bot’s status now updates when it is online - shows people what command to type to see a brief version of the patch notes
• Added a few easter eggs - just because you’re here, I’ll tell you one now: type ‘France’ into any channel for a randomised suprise!

Enjoy! Feel free to DM Draggie#7019 to suggest features or report bugs.

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