DraggieBot: v0.8 Patch Notes

After many suggestions, reports and complaints (!!!), I have released v0.8 across all servers, with everyone’s 2 biggest requests:

A YouTube and audio player.

An experience and levelling system.

These were a nightmare to create, but I think we’re there (for now):

New Features:

• XP and levelling system:
Every time a user sends a message, the bot dynamically adds XP to that user, depending on recent activity, message length and channel name.
Channels such as #general will earn more XP, while others like #spam will not.
XP is earned on a per-server basis, meaning it cannot be abused by spamming a private server with the bot to exploit a larger server.

• Audio Player:
.yt searches for and plays a YouTube video.
.yts searches for, and streams, a YouTube video (faster but lower quality)
.play plays a video or audio into the voice chat.

• Most ‘commands’ have been migrated to discord.py official commands.
This will enable future development of more elaborate commands which can do much more than they do now.
A side effect of this is that the default command .help now shows the full list of commands, with a brief and full explanation.

• Members can type .rank to see their XP amount and level.
• .ping shows the ping (latency) of the bot
• .lastmessage followed by a user ID now fetches the user’s last message which can be used to determine activity.
• .pause / .stop / .resume does these to audio when playing in a voice channel.
• .purge has been added to remove the last up to 20 messages in the current text channel.
• .dir, .file and .dlfile gives information about a file on my local PC
• .ship has been added which gives a score for 2 people or things (LMAOOO but this was a top requested feature so I had to add it…)
• Improved the error logger
• Further improved the message logging tool. In the future, this will be accessible to admins.

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