DraggieBot: v0.9 Patch Notes!

It’s clear that v0.8 was not as good as expected. 

Which is exactly why I’ve spent a lot of time perfecting v0.9.

v0.9 is around 60% larger than v0.8, containing many revamped commands, new improvements and tweaks, and of course an entirely new XP system built from the ground up entirely by me. 

New Features:

Revamped XP system:
• This new system combines XP and levels with currency. This currency is simply called Coins.
• Every message sent grants the user 1 Coin.
• Coins can be used to buy roles, which give cool perks.
    Citizen can be purchased for free.
    Knight costs 100 coins.
    Price costs 250 coins.
    King costs 1000 coins.
• Coins, like the old XP system, are collated per server and cannot be transferred.
• As the method of tracking Coins has changed, this allows server admins to set a user’s balance! Run .coins set <userID> <newCoins> or run .help coins in your server to modify their balance.
• To check your balance of Coins, simply type .coins in any channel.
• Roles can be bought by typing .buy <item>. Running .coins will also show which roles are available to buy!

New commands:
• .bitrate - Sets a voice channel’s bitrate
• .deploy - Forces the server to update to a new bot version
• .yn - Sends a yes or no answer to a question 
• .setdelay - Sets the current channel’s slowmode, in seconds
• .vbucks - Calculates GBP into V-Bucks
• .vbucksusd - Calculates USD into V-Bucks
• .face - ??? ;)
• .log - Shows the occurrences of the search term after .log in that server’s message log.
• .stats - Displays various bot statistics 
• .url - Gets the URL of a given YouTube video’s audio,
And a few more… type .help for a list of all the commands and what they do!

Other new stuff:
• A custom funny message is now sent if a user’s message is blacklisted.
• Whitelist has been made easier. A user simply has to have the role ‘DraggieBot Whitelisted’ in order to be immune from the blacklist’s auto-deletion!
All commands have been given a detailed list of what they do. Type .help for a brief explanation, and .help <command> for a detailed explanation of what that specific command does and the syntax of it.
• Improved speed of running commands
• DMs are now officially supported, you can now send messages from the bot in any channel you want in any server by DMing it!

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