Candyland, Brawlidays 2022 and Brawlentines 2023 Menu and Battle Music - Brawl Stars (10 Hours)

With the latest Brawl Stars update, many new themes and music have been added! From the Candyland theme, or Season 16’s update with Mandy headlining the Brawl Pass, to the next Brawlentine’s music for February 2023.

The Candyland theme is a new addition to Brawl Stars Season 16 that brings a sweet and colourful world to life! The theme features a new map, new candy skins for brawlers like Gummy Bear Nita, and new music that will make you feel like you’re in a candy wonderland.

Mandy is another exciting addition to Season 16. She is a long-range brawler that can deal massive damage to her enemies using her extremely long-range Super, with her unique abilitiy that her range becomes the longest in the game after having stood still for a moment. Mandy is also available in the Brawl Pass, which gives players access to exclusive rewards and quests for maximum progress.

In addition to these exciting updates, Season 16 also features some significant balance changes that will keep players engaged and entertained for hours on end.

Check out the Dark Brawlidays music theme below on iBaguette below, or click on the title to open it up directly in YouTube!

Also, check out the Brawlentine's music below, autoplaying!

To view the Candyland Menu Music, here's the video below


Fianlly, the Candyland battle music is also available here:


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