Going through the 10-hour 'Back Catalogue': many new videos coming soon!

As a dedicated Brawl Stars fan and content creator, I am excited to share that I have a plethora of videos planned for the upcoming weeks leading up to the next Brawl Stars update. I have been meticulously planning and curating content for my channel to make sure that all the audio enthusiasts, as well as general Brawl players out there, will have access to some of the best content there is.

My channel will continue to feature my usual 10-hour videos, but I am also excited to announce that I will be uploading 10-hour videos of previous seasons that I have not yet shared with my audience. These videos will include all of the battle music/ingame music as well as menu/lobby themes from previous seasons, as well as some of the menu and lobby themes. The music is such a crucial part of the game so I want to make sure that every Brawl player out there can appreciate it in all of its glory with my uncompressed, lossless audio techniques, which you can read more about here.

In addition to the seasonal themes, I will also be sharing lots of OST from before the seasons existed. This includes the first-ever music released in the lobby, as well as all 8 desert battle themes, including the elusive fifth track which was removed. I really hope that these tracks will transport listeners back to some of their fondest, nostalgic memories of playing the game.

My goal with my channel is to create a community where fellow Brawl Stars fans can come together to appreciate the music and the game. With each new update and season, Supercell has continued to surprise and delight us with fresh content; I can't wait to share this content with all of you in the future with this content too. I hope that these videos can provide a sense of nostalgia and remind everyone of some of the amazing memories we have made playing Brawl Stars.

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