NOTICE OF ACQUISITION: iBaguette has acquired two new sites

iBaguette has acquired Draggie Games and

The acquisition of these platforms values iBaguette at <redacted>

This is a notice to inform you that iBaguette has acquired two new companies: Draggie Games and The acquisition of these companies will allow iBaguette to expand its reach into the gaming and education markets.

Acquired 2 entities and I still can't afford an artist to make these thumbnails

What does this mean for iBaguette?

The acquisition of these companies will allow iBaguette to expand its reach into the gaming and education markets, while providing valuable assets and resources for future projects. The end user is at the heart of iBaguette's business model, and this acquisition will allow iBaguette to provide more value to its users.

With access to these new markets, iBaguette will be able to grow its user base and revenue, which will allow it to continue to provide free and open source software for the world.

Furthermore, Draggie Games has valuable development tools, software licenses, infrastructure, and other assets that will be useful to iBaguette's future projects. 

I can't access any of the acquired websites!

The acquisition of these companies has not yet been completed, and the websites are currently being transferred to iBaguette's servers. Whilst we are working hard on the core infrastructure, we will be unable to provide access to the websites. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. 

We cannot provide an exact date for when the websites will be available, but this may be a long process. To reduce the impact on users, we have disabled the websites and will be redirecting users to this page, and have removed search engine results for the websites.

iBaguette will be providing updates on the progress of the acquisition on the website and on our social media channels.

What is iBaguette?

iBaguette is a technology company. We offer a plethora of services, including revision resources for A level and GCSE students as well as educators, with a focus on Computer Science and Geography. We have a group of writers who enjoy making regular trustworthy additions to our revision resources. Furthermore, we have a range of open source software available on our GitHub page. You can see a full list of our services on the other website articles!

What is Draggie Games?

Although relatively unknown, Draggie Games is a small game development company that has been working on a variety of projects such as "The Last of the Dragons", "DecAid", "Project Saturnian" and more bound by NDA. We hope to gain a better understanding and integrate their technologies such as anticheat systsems, global content distribution, 3D scripting, and web authentication and account management to enhance the iBaguette experience, as well as using iBaguette's network for these games' playerbase.

What is is a website that provides free geography resources for students and teachers. The website has been running for over 10 years and has a large user base. It not only contains Geography-related resources that we hope to integrate into the iBaguette Cheat Sheet and revision resource umbrella, but also has many more useful utilities and pages which we hope to include.

We know that this may come as a surprise to current users of the site especially during the exam period, so we're providing access to popular and essential resources during this time.

Further Reading

We've also published an expansive article with some more information. Read it here.

Amendment 1: I've been asked to redact iBaguette's the new valuation by the Draggie Games team. I apologise for any inconvenience!

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